The Local Optimist Digest #35

Why we get mellower with age, how to deal with sleep anxiety, and how to overcome compassion fatigue.

Welcome to The Local Optimist Digest, your crib sheet for the latest news in mental health. Whether you want to know how the government is (or is not) investing in our well-being, discover the latest research on how the mind impacts the body, or find out which celebrities are helping continue the conversation by opening up about their own mental health struggles, we’ll be covering it all here every week. This week, we’re looking at how to overcome compassion fatigue, why we get mellower with age, and what internet users searched the most in 2022.

Compassion Fatigue: What It Is And How To Overcome It

Showing compassion helps us connect with others, strengthening our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. But how can you tell when your compassion starts to take a toll on your well-being? If you’ve ever found yourself simply unable to “care” anymore, you’ve probably experienced a level of compassion fatigue. Experts weigh in on the topic and explore what compassion fatigue looks like, how it differs from burnout, and ways to overcome it. READ

Does Aging Bring Less Stress? 

While there are ways for us to combat stress through early adulthood, it’s still hard to escape taxing situations. In a recently published 20-year-long study, researchers found that stress drops steadily as we get older. Although life in our 40s and 50s is often portrayed in pop culture as a time of “midlife crisis,” researchers have actually found that our emotional lives tend to settle down as we age, allowing our stress to decline. READ.

A Look At The Top Health-Related Google Searches In 2022

Google just released its annual “Year in Search” list, showing which terms saw the highest spikes over the past year. The list looks into what internet users around the world cared about, were curious about, and concerned about in 2022. Many people were surprised to learn that Covid-19 (which saw the highest number of searches the year prior) was not even mentioned on the list. Instead, internet users in 2022 were more focused on searches for mental health recovery. READ

How To Deal With Sleep Anxiety

  1. Keep bedtime/wake times consistent from day to day, including weekends.

  2. Exercise regularly, but not too late at night.

  3. Try meditation.

  4. Engage in breathing exercises.

  5. Avoid checking the clock throughout the night. 

  6. Avoid or limit naps and use the bedroom only for sleep.

  7. Put your phone in another room while you sleep.

  8. Avoid large meals, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bed.

  9. Avoid exposure to light during the night.

  10. See a healthcare provider if symptoms last three months or longer.

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The Mental Health Realities of Damar Hamlin’s Collapse

Millions watched Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety, collapse after tackling Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins during last week’s Monday Night Football game. While Hamlin’s conditions are fortunately improving, the traumatic incident has left players, coaches, and fans deeply saddened and concerned, sparking an ever-important conversation regarding the mental health of NFL players. READ.

Mantra Health

College can be a stressful time for students, and more often than not, therapy resources are difficult to access. Mantra Health aims to work cohesively with university counseling with its digital mental health clinic. The integrated platform is customizable per campus, making it easier for students to assess their needs and get connected with the proper professionals. To learn more about Mantra Health, head HERE.

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